Rejuvi Results Skin Clinic is one of the most popular clinics in the Toowong area.

We founded our business in 2006 with one goal in mind - to make aesthetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for every woman and man. Our Skin Care Clinic offers a modern, clinical and private setting for all your needs. All our treatments and products are medically approved, and we strive to understand and exceed our customers expectations.

Ready to embark on a beautiful journey with us? 

My Skincare Philosophy

Hi , I am Mariana

I am a skin and laser therapist, salon owner who has helped hundreds of women fix their skin, boost their confidence and live their best life. 


Listen To Your Skin

Ignore the trends. Your skin will always tell you what it needs- and it usually ain't all the hype you see on Facebook.

Less Is Always More

Use only the products that your skin needs, not what the media tells you it needs.

Proof over Hype

Show me the proof and I'll give it a go! If science hasn't proven it works -Leave it on the shelf. 

Spend Where It Matters-Skimp On The Rest

A good Retinol Serum or a Collagen Product is worth every cent . A Toner is not..


Customer Reviews

My experience with Rejuvi skin clinic has been wonderful! Mariana is extremely knowledgeable and very honest with her advice. She has given me so many tips to help me care for my skin and is helping me to get the best out of it. Her laser hair removal is quick, painless and after 2 treatments I am already starting to see results. I have not experienced any side effects to laser hair removal either. She is very friendly and also very efficient! (Please don't be late!!) Her clinic has a nice vibe to it and is conveniently located in toowong - close to the shopping center, buses and trains. I have to say a big thank you to Mariana for always being so kind and offering so much help! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get laser hair removal or skincare advice because she is someone you can trust to give you the advice you need!!! 

Yashoda Raniga reviewed Rejuvi Results Skin Clinic — 5 star


Thank you for an excellent eyebrow/lash treatment. I bought a Groupon voucher and we communicated by email until a date was chosen to suit both parties. Mariana is polite, friendly, highly skilled and knowledgeable. I was informed throughout of what to expect and guided to make choices I was comfortable with. I was given tips on how to maintain my look and save money. Mariana ensured I didn’t walk out aglow of recently waxed eyebrows one can get at some clinics. The clinic is very clean and comfortable- the bed is heated!!!!! 
Access to clinic is via a single staircase. Parking in the adjacent car park is free up to two hours. 
I will return to this clinic in future as I’m very happy with my experience.


Karen Rich recommends Rejuvi Results Skin Clinic.