Facial Treatments

Are you looking to target acne scars, visible signs of sun damage, or lines and wrinkles. Or it could be you are wanting to nourish or hydrate sensitive skin, remove dead skin or gain a more youthful appearance. The fact is, facial treatments can address these problems and many others, and can be a wonderful way to refresh your skin and feel rejuvenated, inside and out.


An exfoliating procedure that diminishes the appearance of skin concerns such as scars and wrinkles.


A skin resurfacing technique that causes the skin to exfoliate and peel to enhance its appearance.

Anti Ageing Booster


Acne is a common skin condition that takes the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

Acne Laser Treatment


LED Light Therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating skin treatment.

LED Light Therapy

Microdermabrasion   $ 89

Microdermabrasion is a quick and painless treatment that accelerates the rate at which dead skin is exfoliated and jump-starts the proliferation of new skin cells.


Your beauty therapist may recommend a series of microdermabrasion treatments, which can treat hyper pigmentation, sun-damaged spots, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles and even minor acne scars.

Anti-Ageing Booster   $139

Ageing skin may be characterized by a loss of firmness, tone and elasticity creating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.


Skin ageing can and will occur naturally or can be brought on prematurely by external factors or the environment around us.


Whilst natural ageing cannot be prevented, its signs may be easily treated.

We are combining 4 treatments to achieve the best results for your skin: -

Glycolic Peel - Microdermabrasion - IPL Skin Rejuvenation - Collagen Mask​​​​​​​

Acne Laser Treatment   $ 89

Early laser treatments designed to address acne used UV light to eliminate blemishes, but these have fallen out of favor due to skin-damaging side effects.


Today’s most popular light-based acne treatments harness the power of light to safely and painlessly treat inflammatory acne without the harmful side effects.


Blue light kills bacteria in the pores to heal inflammatory acne, particularly on the face and chest.​​​​​​​

LED Light Therapy   $ 69

LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne.


Red light LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look.


That helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and reduce redness after more aggressive IPL or laser treatments.