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Our Skin Care Clinic

offers a modern, clinical and private setting for all your needs. All our treatments and products are medically approved, and we strive to understand and exceed our customers expectations. Ready to embark on a beautiful journey with us?

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Facial Treatment

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Having a facial can be a rewarding, pleasurable experience that can be much more than just a relaxation session.The fact is, facial treatments can address skin problems

like ageing and many others, and can be a wonderful way to refresh your skin and feel rejuvenated, inside

and out.  

Laser Hair Removal

My Skincare Philosophy


Hi , I am Mariana

I am a skin and laser therapist, salon owner who has helped hundreds of women fix their skin, boost their confidence and live their best life. 


Listen To Your Skin

Ignore the trends. Your skin will always tell you what it needs- and it usually ain't all the hype you see on Facebook.

Less Is Always More

Use only the products that your skin needs, not what the media tells you it needs.

Proof over Hype

Show me the proof and I'll give it a go! If science hasn't proven it works -Leave it on the shelf. 

Spend Where It Matters-Skimp On The Rest

A good Retinol Serum or a Collagen Product is worth every cent . A Toner is not..



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HD Professional Make-up


HD Professional Skincare


Is Your Skincare Routine Working? 

When it comes to your skincare routine and the products you've selected, it's easy to get confused and wonder whether or not they're really working for you. Even more frustrating, you might be wondering if the routine is making your skin worse! 

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