How Can You Get More Collagen?

Updated: Mar 30

Meet the protein behind healthy skin and joints

Collagen is one of the buzziest little ingredients in the wellness and beauty world. By now we all probably heard that people have been injecting it, using it topically and more recently drinking it for its beauty benefits.

Thanks to the #clean-eating, #clean-living crowd is becoming the new "it" ingredient for soothing achy joints, improving gut health, and enhancing athletic performance, too.

I personally, love that is so popular as it’s making our life easier in beauty and skin clinics, with women serious enough to understand the importance of healthy eating /supplementation and the amazing benefits for your skin and ageing management.

What Exactly is Collagen, Anyway?

Collagen is a protein — the most plentiful protein in your body. It’s in your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, intestinal lining and other connective tissues makes up about 30 percent of the structural protein in the body.

Collagen is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, such as Glycine and Lysine, which are needed to repair muscles, bone, and joints, and support healthy hair and skin.

Collagen is a major component of your skin and it plays a role in strengthening skin, plus may benefit elasticity and hydration. As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles.

When Collagen Levels Drops

Since we can’t measure collagen levels, is very hard to tell when levels are falling. All we know is collagen decreases as you get older contributing to:

Wrinkles and crepey skin

Stiffer, less flexible tendons and ligaments

Shrinking,weakening muscles

Joint pain due to worn cartilage

Gastrointestinal problems due to thinning of the lining in your digestive tract

Aside from aging, the top reason people don’t have enough collagen is poor diet and your body can’t make collagen if it doesn’t have the necessary elements.

The best collagen-boosting food

The best way to get collagen naturally is through healthy servings of foods packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, or the new favorite collagen-boosting brew bone broth. You can buy it in grocery stores or make it yourself.

Bone broth draws collagen out of beef, chicken or fish bones, leaving a liquid that you can drink straight up or use in other dishes. Most bone broth recipes require slowly simmering bones in water — on the stove or in a crock pot — for one or two days.

If that’s not your “cup of tea”…..

Second best: collagen supplements

If you’re eating a healthy diet and feeding your body all the nutrients it needs to make collagen, you probably don’t need to supplement….. But there’s nothing wrong with taking one.

As for skin creams enhanced with collagen, it may work. I

t will add a film-like layer to your skin to reduce water loss and act as a barrier from environmental elements. But using skin cream is probably not as effective as healthy eating — and protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure and dehydration- the 2 major causes of ageing.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ…. When you nourish your collagen stores throughout your body will nourish your skin too.

I personally, use and recommend Collagen supplements and I am happy to say , they are working . Contact me @rejuviclinictoowong

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